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We are a leading distributor specializing in a diverse range of flooring products. Our offer includes carpeting, office flooring solutions, PVC, carpet tiles, and LVT vinyl panels (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). Committed to quality and excellence, we ensure that our customers receive only the best products on the market.


Offer of carpeting on rolls. Lengths of 4m and 5m.
Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles for offices and institutions. Modular coverings 50x50cm and 60x60cm.
PVC floor coverings
Flexible PVC floor coverings in widths of 2m, 4m, and 5m.
LVT vinyl panels
Luxury LVT vinyl panels in various color variations imitating stone, plank, and herringbone.
Wool carpets
Natural woolen floorings are the best choice of flooring for the home.

Carpets available from stock

Producer: Balsan
21,59 €
26,56 €
Trust Stripes
Producer: Balsan
19,32 €
23,76 €

Carpets for

We invite you to explore our office floor coverings that will maintain their flawless appearance for many years. They are resistant to deformations and stains, absorb sounds, ensuring acoustic comfort, and are also easy to maintain.
Schools and kindergartens
For educational institutions, it's crucial that the flooring withstands intensive use, maintains an aesthetic look, and is easy to keep clean.
Hotels and restaurants
In high-traffic areas where prestige matters, we offer a rich selection of solutions characterized by the advanced technical properties of our floorings.
Health Service
Innovative solutions that combine durability with functionality and easy care. Everything is designed to meet the requirements of the medical sector.
Commercial facilities
In shopping centers, thousands of people pass through every day. The key is a flooring that's safe, durable, aesthetic, and at the same time simple to clean and maintain.
Carpeting provides an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. It's gentle on the skin and, thanks to its sound dampening qualities, significantly improves the room's acoustics. We present the latest collections of floor coverings intended for apartments, living rooms, and bedrooms.
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